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 Forum RULES

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PostSubject: Forum RULES   Tue Apr 27, 2010 3:45 pm

To start off with, There will be no tampering with any of the members names, even if your an admin etc without the consent of that player. Furthermore If a Admin Locks his Thread Other Admins and CSR's have no right to post,unlock his thread without that Admins consent. Next, the forum WILL NOT be tampered by any Admins, Or CSRs except myself. All Admins and CSRs are to PM me with any new updates to the forum such as: "adding a new forum, module, or anything else that tampers with the forums outlook, so that i may add it to the update List.

For the next part, No pornographic material or videos are permitted to be posted, since this is a guild forum not a Playboy forum zz.... No hacking IP's or tampering with members usernames etc.
There shall be no tolerance for Spam, CSR's have the right (So do Admins) to remove any forum that they consider is "Spam"

Ok, the forum template is not to be altered without given the order to. Furthermore only end and myself are allwoed to edit it, New ranks are not to be added either nor are Admins allowed to remove one another or delated other members,users,admins,CSRs,etc. Without My saying so. zz....


Ok , the staff will be at max: 5 Admins, and 3 CSRs, each CSR will be in charge of two sections of the Forum and will have the duty of cleaning it up etc.
At some points if i feel a Admin isnt full filling their duty i may occasionaly swap them out with a CSR temporarily to keep the staff active.
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